Hümayun Publishing

Hümayun Publishing

It seems like there’s hardly anyone in our country who doesn’t have complaints about history education. The one-sided official narrative of history has lost its appeal to the people of the 21st century. Therefore, it is clear that we need a new understanding of history that captures the spirit of this new era.

This new history should not only largely overcome our complexes but also be suitable for a nation that has made peace with its past and has a history of establishing great empires. It is not generations in conflict with their ancestors, but a youth inspired by them and shining a light into the future with the strength drawn from the past, who will build the future of the country.

Here, Hümayun Publications sets out to address this youth. Their greatest mission is to carry the magic of the past into the future. We embark on this journey to bring back the forgotten values of this country, to rectify the distorted, even stolen history, and to send fake history back to where it belongs. Our motto is:

“Our struggle will continue until our history becomes once again the people’s own.”

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