40 Turks, 40 Of Them Handle Broken

Ahmet Şerif İzgören

40 Turks, 40 Of Them Handle Broken



If forty famous foreign characters were Turkish, what would happen? Brad Pitt would be known as “Sarı”, and the Charlie from the TV series Lost would appear as Charlie Dayı. Instead of leading a black empowerment movement, Obama might be known as “Esmer”. E.T. would become the muezzin of a mosque, and the Cat Girl would grow up under the pressure of the neighborhood. Jaws would be treated like a young fi sh from Adana, while the Avatars would have a hard time avoiding being sacrifi ced. It’s a humor book that would make us smile as we read it, making us view everyday scenes in a different light and prompting self-criticism.

  • Publisher: Elma Publishing
  • Type:Non-Fiction
  • Genre:Adult
  • Author(s):Ahmet Şerif İzgören
  • Illustrator(s):
  • Pages: 192
  • Size:13,5x21cm
  • Cover:Paperback
  • Barcode : 9789756093696
  • Original Name:40'ının da Kulpu Kırık 40 Türk
  • Original Language:Turkish

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