Innovative Professor Oğuz Manas, Who Reached Firsts

Tuğba Yıldırım

Innovative Professor Oğuz Manas, Who Reached Firsts



Professor Dr. Oğuz Manas pioneered many fi rsts in the fi eld of computer science and the internet in Turkey, from the establishment of university and institutional computer centers to the fi rst electronic commerce project. In this river conversation, you can fi nd memories and experiences of Manas, who has positively infl uenced the lives of many generations, not only in academic projects but also in various subjects such as health, sports, family life, and personal life. According to his students, Oğuz Hoca is like a prophet: 40 years ago, he predicted that the United States would elect a black president, and long before the emergence of the World Wide Web, he foresaw that shopping would even be done online in the 2000s.

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  • Original Name:İlkleri Gerçekleştiren Yenilikçi Profesör Oğuz Manas
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