Perception Management For Teachers

Çağlayan Babacan

Perception Management For Teachers



This book, based on two years of fi eldwork and literature research, is a pioneer in its fi eld as it demonstrates that “perceptions can also be managed in education.” The book shows educators the entrenched perceptions that render the teaching universe dysfunctional and ways to deal with them. More importantly, in educational activities where tools become the message itself, it explains methods for touching upon students’ mindsets, which are their ways of understanding and perceiving the world.

  • Publisher: Elma Publishing
  • Type:Non-Fiction
  • Genre:Adult
  • Author(s):Çağlayan Babacan
  • Illustrator(s):
  • Pages: 176
  • Size:13,5x21cm
  • Cover:Paperback
  • Barcode : 9786059367622
  • Original Name:Algı Yönetimi
  • Original Language:Turkish

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