Biography of Caliphate Ali

İ. Salih Salihoğlu

Biography of Caliphate Ali



In this book, we will take a trip through his-tory in chronological order. First, “Who is Hazrat Ali? What did he do? What is the scientific degree? How did he make a note in history?” We will try to make an analysis after investigating and examining such issues. Let’s also point out that people’s religious beliefs, thoughts, ideas and comments, and political stances do not concern us much. It is our duty to respect everyone’s opinion (if there is no excess). However, Since the life of Ali (ra) is intertwined with the Messenger of Allah (saas), we will try to witness the journey of these two great people without separating them from each other while writing this work. Neither our tongues nor our pen will be silent against those who have deviated from the ba-sic principles laid down by Allah, the path of Sirat-i Mustakim drawn by the Messenger of Allah, whose aim is not religion, and who try to destroy the true religion of Islam. We will try to do the guiding task to the end.

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  • Author(s):İ. Salih Salihoğlu
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  • Original Name:Siyer-i Ali
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