Dialogue Of Allah With His Servants In The Afterlife

Ersan Urcan

Dialogue Of Allah With His Servants In The Afterlife



In this study; We wanted to explain what our Allah will talk about with us in the hereafter. If a person knows that these dialogues will happen, he will try to live more carefully every day of his life, to get on well with people, not to waste his time, and to pay attention to his worship. Thus, he, in the presence of Allah, “My Allah! That’s all I could do.” Says and he takes refuge in the infinite mercy of his Allah. Our Rabb has given great value to His servants. He did not leave them without a prophet or a book, did not cut off their sustenance, and gave them a lifetime of time to repent despite the sins they had committed.

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  • Original Name:Ahirette Allah'ın Kulları ile Diyaloğu
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