İbrahim Ünal




We’ve often heard phrases like “Don’t sit like that; it’s sinful,” or “Don’t lie down like this; it’s shameful,” from our elders. Sometimes, something merely disliked takes the place of what’s forbidden, and sometimes what’s recommended takes the place of what’s obligatory. They don’t make what Allah has made permissible forbidden; “forbidden” can become “permissible” if one finds an opportunity… In our society, many people are judged unfairly due to ignorance. It’s saddening to see the members of such a noble religion, with a book like the Quran and a prophet like Muhammad (peace be upon him), sometimes become enslaved to traditions and customs. Yet the principle of “Whatever it is, it should be…” should be implemented. A Muslim should personally learn from the source what the consequences will be when performing any worship or behavior. The theologian and writer İbrahim Ünal explains the rules of etiquette (adab-ı muaşeret) in his book “Adab-ı Muaşeret, Görgü,” based on the Quran and Sunnah, with their sources.

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  • Type:Non-Fiction
  • Genre:Adult
  • Author(s):İbrahim Ünal
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  • Pages: 280
  • Size:13,5x21cm
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  • Barcode : 9786057094636
  • Original Name:Adab-ı Muaşeret
  • Original Language:Turkish

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