Islamophobia In Türkiye

Enes Bayraklı

Islamophobia In Türkiye



Islamophobia, defined as “anti-Muslim cultural racism,” has roots in Western history, notably in Orientalism, and has spread beyond Western societies. Modernization, Westernization, and Enlightenment ideals in the Islamic world have also fueled Islamophobia, particularly in countries influenced by colonialism or radical Westernization. Turkey, with its strict secular modernization efforts, is among these countries. Despite recent improvements in state-religion relations and the lifting of prohibitions, discrimination and prejudices against Islam and Muslims persist in Turkish society. This study, the first of its kind and compiled by experts, investigates Islamophobic discourses, attitudes, and behaviors across various sectors in Turkey, including traditional and social media, politics, education, employment, and satire magazines.

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  • Author(s):Enes Bayraklı
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