Our Prophet’s Communication With Young People

Nuriye Çeleğen

Our Prophet’s Communication With Young People



What is adolescence? Did prophets experience adolescent crisis? Did the Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him) face youth difficulties? Did those around him experience adolescent crisis? Can individuals with different characteristics be disciplined with the same educational method? Is there a personalized educational method? Which attributes are reflected in education? According to which pedagogy do we educate our children? How much do we know about the pedagogy of the Sunnah? Can parents act as a barrier in education? Is adolescence a biological state? Why is the same situation not observed in everyone? Is the foundation of the burning and destructive passage of adolescence encountering the first sin of the youth? While science considers adolescence problematic, how did the Prophet of Allah entrust the greatest responsibilities to adolescents at this age? What does modern pedagogy fail to see? The communication of our Prophet with the youth provides answers to these and many more questions. To avoid problems in our children’s education, we incorporate ‘Sunnah pedagogy’ into our lives.

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