Silent Signs Of Diseases In Lines On The Hand And Face

Halid Emre Aslan

Silent Signs Of Diseases In Lines On The Hand And Face



Aristo once said that through careful examination of the hand, which he described as “the organ of all organs, the active agent of all passive forces of the system,” important data about the individual can be obtained. Later, Georg Meissner stated in 1853 that there is a change in the amount of blood flow and lymph in the palm during changes in the person’s state of mind or excitement, and that this also alters the lines in the palm. It wasn’t fortune-telling. It wasn’t mind-reading. Our palms are an indicator panel, much more complex and comprehensive than a car’s dashboard. This book is about our hands and faces, the indicator panels of our bodies, which, through curiosity and exploration, reveal information and warnings about our health status, weak points, and organs that require attention. In accordance with the principle that true health lies in not getting sick, valuable information has been provided for the preservation of health. Finding benefit is the greatest source of happiness. Wishing you good health.

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  • Type:Non-Fiction
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  • Author(s):Halid Emre Aslan
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  • Original Name:El ve Yüzdeki Çizgilerde Hastalıkların Sessiz İşaretleri
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