Willpower Training

Prof. Dr. Hali̇m Ulaş

Willpower Training



International competition in the field of education is intense. In this competitive process, states that understand what influences the drive to work at a cognitive level are working towards the cultivation of strong-willed minds. In this context, psychologists and neurologists have developed various practices by taking into account the dynamics of the brain to sustain willpower, which can be observed both cognitively and physically. For the integration of willpower with the processes of education, significant responsibilities fall on parents, siblings, friends, teachers, and school administrators. Thus, the education process can reach its deserved point for both the system and the teacher and the student. This book provides guidance to parents, teachers, and students in establishing and strengthening willpower. It emphasizes that willpower is a learnable and developable quality, and includes various activities and practices for emotional, cognitive, and behavioral control.

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  • Type:Non-Fiction
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  • Author(s):Prof. Dr. Hali̇m Ulaş
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  • Pages: 248
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  • Original Name:İrade Terbiyesi
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