Around The World In A Day

Cüneyd Suavi

Around The World In A Day



During my middle school years, I often heard a couple of questions repeated in the Quran:Don’t you ever think? Don’t you use your intellect? I’m not sure if I’ve followed this command of Allah. But half a century later, I found myself asking the same questions again. However, when I did this, my imagination took me by the hand and led me to a “dreamlike” realm. Even the stones and soil of this enjoyable realm seemed alive… Eventually, I found myself keeping pace with them and being compelled to write “peculiar writings” that made me smile. During this day-long journey, I sometimes attacked the stones and got beaten up by them. Sometimes, I conversed with the trees. While arguing with a bird the size of a finger, I learned things I never knew from it. If you like, I can tell you about them too, and let’s all embark on a “Journey to Wonderland” together.

  • Publisher:
  • Type:Non-Fiction
  • Genre:Adult
  • Author(s):Cüneyd Suavi
  • Illustrator(s):
  • Pages: 136
  • Size:13,5x21cm
  • Cover:Paperback
  • Barcode : 786057094667
  • Original Name:Bir Günde DevriAlem
  • Original Language:Turkish

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