The Life Of Our Prophet For Young People

Cüneyd Suavi

The Life Of Our Prophet For Young People



While writing this book, I couldn’t help but recall my youth. Some 60 years ago, during my middle or high school years, I would constantly ask myself the same question: “As I step into youth, who should I choose as an ‘example’? Whom should I resemble so that I can guide my life accordingly?” Of course, at that age, the only thing I thought about was becoming famous. Everyone should know and love me. Even if they didn’t respect me, they should envy me. After all, for many years, the examples presented to me were always famous individuals: musicians, actors, artists… In other words, those applauded by everyone. As a mem- ber of the ‘68 Generation, I eventually set out with a guitar. Unfortunately, I wasted my most valuable years for that reason. But then I realized that the “real applause” was the applause of the angels. It was in Allah’s and the Prophet’s pleasure. From this point on, I tried to show the “BEST EXAMPLE” by narrating the life of our Prophet. Choosing such an example is the key to “eternal youth.”

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  • Author(s):Cüneyd Suavi
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