History Of The Prophets

Mustafa Necati Bursalı

History Of The Prophets



There have always been deviations from absolute truths in the history of humanity, and there have always been people who are the epitome of virtue, who warn people against these deviations, and call them to the good, the truth and the beautiful. The absolute truth is Islam, which Allah is pleased with. It was handed down from the first human and the first prophet to our beloved Prophet like a torch. Prophets are exemplary people chosen by Allah in order to convey the divine message to people. There is patience, tolerance, mercy and good news for people in their lives and struggles. For this reason, there is a necessity for Muslims to know the prophets.

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  • Author(s):Mustafa Necati Bursalı
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  • Original Name:Peygamberler Tarihi
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