History Of Turkish Islamic Civilization

Mehmet Şeker (Prof. Dr.)

History Of Turkish Islamic Civilization



The fact that Turks found themselves in a vast geography where Islam had spread, thanks to the sincere efforts of nations that had embraced this religion before them, is noteworthy. It is well known that after embracing Islam, Turks embarked on a process of constructing a new history, culture, and civilization by blending their pre-Islamic cultural, civil, and social accumulation and some values with Islamic values. During this process, Turks, through the new states they established with a new spirit, identity, and dynamism, opened up to the world. They integrated love and faith, justice and fairness, tolerance and reason, and valued knowledge and scientific research, assuming a constructive and proactive role on the stage of history. Consequently, they succeeded in becoming part of a universal civilization. This modest work aims to present, with examples to some extent, both the place of Turks who entered the circle of Islamic civilization through the acceptance of Islam and the institutions and social organizations they established to serve other nations and societies. It seeks to convey to the younger generations and readers.

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