Kut Al Amara

Zafer Bilgi

Kut Al Amara



The Battle of Kut al-Amara is an epic in which 13,300 British soldiers and commanders surrendered unconditionally to the Ottoman army. This victory was achieved with the contribution of Arab militia supporting the Ottoman army. This battle, in which the British were humiliated, is the second major defeat suffered against the Ottoman Empire after the Gallipoli Campaign. Britain has tried to erase this victory from history books and make it forgotten in all the countries it has influenced. Under the banner of the Caliphate, the Ottoman Empire established the Unity of Islam (Islamic Union) and ensured the strengthening and success of Muslims against oppressive states around the world. Kut al-Amara is a historical battle where despite having different races and cultures, the Islamic ummah united and erected a monument of victory against the British. The salvation of Muslims, who still suffer great pains and are always subjected to Crusader attacks, lies in this spirit of unity and solidarity. Therefore, the Battle of Kut al-Amara vividly demonstrates the importance of this solidarity and unity. The book benefits from the memoirs and diaries of senior officers who participated in this battle. The work is enriched with information, documents, pictures, and maps obtained from state archives and the General Staff Headquarters Archive.

  • Publisher: Mihrabad Publishing
  • Type:Non-Fiction
  • Genre:Adult
  • Author(s):Zafer Bilgi
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  • Pages: 256
  • Size:13,5x21cm
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  • Barcode : 9786058199101
  • Original Name:Kut'ül Amare
  • Original Language:Turkish

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