Yavuz Sultan Selim

Talip Arışahin

Yavuz Sultan Selim



Yavuz Sultan Selim is one of the most powerful, far-sighted, and great sultans of the Ottoman Empire. His accomplishments, victories, and successes achieved in a short period are extraordinary. Like his grandfather Fatih Sultan Mehmed, Yavuz showed great respect to scholars and increased his knowledge by reading books day and night, also excelling in his artistic abilities and leaving behind memorable poems. Through establishing peace and unity in Anatolia, winning the battles of Çaldıran and Ridaniye, annexing the Southeastern provinces to the Ottoman Empire, and incorporating Arab Islamic countries into the imperial territories, as well as conquering the territories of Syria and Egypt, he demonstrated himself as a world emperor. Despite his short life span of 50 years and a reign of only 8 years, Yavuz, during his reign, revitalized the Ottoman Empire and earned it the leadership of the “Islamic world.” You will read about Yavuz’s life through the pen of Talip Arışahin. In this work, the author narrates Yavuz’s life from his birth, childhood, adolescence, education, mentors, princehood, to his physical and spiritual portrait along with his strong personality. Yavuz, who quelled rebellions, suppressed uprisings, and halted the activities of centers of discord with his powerful character, is found to attach great value to the institution of ‘Caliphate’ he brought to the Ottomans, expressed by the phrase “Hâdim’ül Haremeyn” (Servant of the Two Holy Mosques).

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  • Author(s):Talip Arışahin
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  • Original Name:Yavuz Sultan Selim
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