Hayreddin Barbarossa

Ebubekir Subaşı

Hayreddin Barbarossa



Oruch, Ishak, Hızır and Ilyas brothers from Midilli, who were born like the sun in the Mediterranean, were interested in sailing and received great help from Yavuz’s elder brother Korkut. Upon his death, they went to Tunisia and ascended to the sultanate in Algeria with their conquests. Suleiman the Magnificent had to break up the Christian unity that had developed in the West after Charles V became emperor. He had himself on land, but in the seas he needed a Captain-Darya who could oppose Andrea Doria. This could only be Hızır, the only surviving member of the Barbarosian Brothers.

  • Publisher: Celik Publishing
  • Type:Non-Fiction
  • Genre:Adult
  • Author(s):Ebubekir Subaşı
  • Illustrator(s):
  • Pages: 328
  • Size:13,5x21cm
  • Cover:Paperback
  • Barcode : 9786257746175
  • Original Name:Barbaros Hayreddin Paşa
  • Original Language:Turkish

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