Sermons And Conversations For Ladies

Ragıp Güzel

Sermons And Conversations For Ladies



A woman is an important and valuable human being. How important they are, is better understood from the hadith-i sharif “Paradise laid under your feet”. The woman is the mother. The woman is the first guide who creates, educates and directs the generation. Since the task of raising a generation is the most important job of women, they must be knowledgeable, cultured and, above all, faithful. There were no prophets from women, but many female saints set an example for men. The female scholars, who trained many Isla-mic scholars, are remembered for their unique studies, even on Islamic jurisprudence. The women who were interested in science, walking in the footsteps of our mother Aisha, shed light on humanity.

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  • Author(s):Ragıp Güzel
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  • Original Name:Hanımlara Vaazlar ve Sohbetler
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