Mujaddids Of Time

Nurettin Taşkesen

Mujaddids Of Time



In the Hadith Sharif, the most prominent feature of the renewers (mujaddids) whose coming is foretold in every century is their ability to find solutions to the material and spiritual ailments of their time through renewal, reform, and guidance, rescuing the ummah from the crises it faces. Mujaddids should not be confused with contemporary reformers who claim to innovate by introducing things not found in religion. While the latter strive to introduce elements contrary to the Quran and Sunnah, the mujaddids seek to cleanse innovations and restore Islam to its pristine state as it was during the time of the Prophet. The personalities mentioned in the book are among the leading figures in the spiritual realm of their time. In the era in which they lived, they faced significant challenges arising from military defeats, political crises, or doctrinal disputes. They endeavored to resolve the problems of their society and fellow Muslims using the most appropriate methods. These eminent figures, who illuminated their era, continued to guide the ummah in the subsequent centuries through their works

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