Intelligence Agencies In Ottoman Geography

Nurettin Taşkesen

Intelligence Agencies In Ottoman Geography



The dissolution and fragmentation of the Ottoman Empire, which had ruled over three continents for six centuries, and the division and colonization of Islamic lands into small states, were initiated by Crusader and Zionist organizations through intelligence warfare starting 150 years ago. In this research:

  • Sultan Abdulhamid’s “Yıldız Intelligence Organization”,
  • Operations and operatives of the Special Organization,
  • Pre-British occupation Zionist organizations such as Nili, Bilu, Gideon, Hashomer, etc.,
  • Post-occupation Zionist organizations such as Haganah, Irgun, Stern, etc.,
  • Spies and activities of the Arab Bureau attached to the British Intelligence Service,
  • In addition to well-known spies like Lawrence and Gertrude Bell,
  • Stories of lesser-known British spies like Aubrey Herbert, Charles Noel, Irvine Shakespear have been examined. While reading about the lives and intrigues of these spies from a century ago, you will marvel and learn with amazement that similar games are still being played today.
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